• client representation in civil, commercial, and administrative proceedings
  • client representation before arbitration tribunals
  • debt recovery management and collection in the out-of-court settlement, court proceedings, debt collection proceedings, bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, inheritance proceedings, criminal proceedings, and the liquidation of legal entities
  • legal analysis in the area of debt collection
  • to perform legal acts related to claims in writing
  • due diligence of claims / portfolio of claims


  • incorporation of companies, joint-ventures and branches
  • comprehensive advisory services in mergers and acquisitions
  • drafting corporate documentation
  • preparation and arrangement of meetings of general assembly
  • increasing and decreasing registered capital, drafting documents related to the competence of general assembly
  • reorganization of companies and changes in ownership structure
  • advisory services in the area of internal relations between shareholders and partners (shareholder agreements, partner agreements, etc.)
  • client representation in proceedings before the Companies’ Register, Trade Register and the Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic
  • fulfillment of disclosure obligations relating to public administration
  • protection of minority shareholders’ and partners’ rights, and protection of companies against the abuse of minority shareholders’ and partners’ rights
  • termination, dissolution of companies, and their deletion from the Companies’ Register
  • providing comprehensive outsourcing of legal services


  • representation of creditors and debtors within bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings
  • drafting documents for company restructuring
  • representation in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings before courts, trustees and creditors
  • representation of creditors in lodging claims and exercising other rights in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings before courts and trustees
  • lodging claims, representation in creditors’ meetings and creditors’ committees
  • drafting documentation for bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings, debt discharge proceedings, etc.
  • preparation of legal opinions in bankruptcy law and restructuring


  • real estate property transfer contracts
  • real estate property utilization contracts (rentals, encumbrances, etc.)
  • comprehensive preparation and execution of greenfield and brownfield projects
  • legal solutions for real estate project financing
  • client representation in zoning and construction permit proceedings
  • legal audits pertaining to real estate titles
  • comprehensive advisory services pertaining to restitution entitlements and representation in restitution proceedings


  • legal advisory reorganization services concerning the area of loan transactions, financial restructuring
  • drafting or legal analysis of banking instruments and guarantees (letters of credit and promissory notes, security instruments, insurance contracts and terms and conditions) and drafting or legal analysis of related contractual documentation
  • advisory services to clients in structuring their financial plan, preparation and negotiations of transaction documentation


  • representation in proceedings before regulatory bodies, in particular proceedings regarding the granting of permits or licences for energy sector operators
  • legal analysis and opinions pertaining to issues related to price regulation and the activities of the Regulatory Authority for Network Industries
  • legal analysis of energy sector regulations and the drafting of opinions according to client requirements
  • legal advice pertaining to renewable energy sources, and government support for renewable energy sources and alternative energy sources


  • legal advisory services in the areas regulated by the European Law, particularly related to economic competition, dumping and anti-dumping, free movement of goods and services, and public procurement
  • representation of clients in cases of inadequate transposition of European legislative acts into Slovak legislation
  • consumer protection in the context of European Union Law
  • drafting of documents with international elements


  • drafting of employment contracts and management contracts
  • drafting of internal employment statutes
  • preparation of legal solutions applicable to employment termination, including mass redundancies
  • client representation in labour disputes
  • client representation in collective bargaining and workers’ councils
  • drafting of temporary employee agreements


  • trademark applications and objections to registration
  • drafting of legal solutions and contracts in the area of copyright, including the rights to software and domain names
  • legal advice in the area of industrial rights and other rights pertaining to business activities
  • client rights’ protection in relation to know-how and business names
  • identification of intellectual property, client representation in intellectual property related proceedings


  • notice of concentration addressed to national antimonopoly offices for and pre-notice consultation
  • client representation in proceedings related to the abuse of dominant position or agreements restricting competition
  • legal advice related to price regulation as part of economic competition
  • legal protection against unfair competition